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My hometown has been around for almost three hundred years and most of the families who founded the town still reside in it. There are ten churches in my town and it only has a population of 1, so you can assume Christian values are very high. You are expected to be the stud of the high school and try every sport, grades are not really a focus and most teachers help you out if you have to have a passing grade for the Friday night football game. You are expected to take home economics while the boys take gym, you learn to cook, sew, clean, and take care of an electronic baby.

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All leading these young girls to think that they must be the housewife verses the academic career women. When I would come home to visit I was met with invites to engagement parties, weddings, and baby showers, and my Facebook news feed was filled with nuptial photos and new borns.

I started to wonder if there was something wrong with me, I wondered if there was some domestic gene that I missed out on. This led me to the question what it meant to be a true women and if I was living up to that? When we are young we have many visions of what a true women is based on those in our lives and those portrayed by the media. Being raised in small town life my idea of the perfect women was my granny she was someone who never came out of her room without full makeup and hair done.

She could cook breakfast perfectly with a baby on her hip and more running around at her feet. My picture never included that women having a powerful job where she was the breadwinner of the family that was just unheard of and a bit absurd to me. At Kansas State I encountered many powerful women who started changing my view. I had women in my sorority going into pre-med, my teachers who were full time architects, professors, and moms, even some of my fellow students who were older women going for masters degrees instead of babies.

Suddenly a whole new world was opened up to me one where I could be the boss and it was strangely appealing. So when I started to reflect on my major which at the time was architecture I realized that I had compromised yet again. In most colleges and in the professional world men outweighed women by about 30 to 1!

A lot of people refer to engineering as a 50 hour career, meaning if you choose to specialize in this forget your work week. This in the past has deterred women from entering this field because of the strain this time commitment puts on those with families. Also with engineering it is very math and science based, these are seen as things that boys are good at where as women are design and color oriented, and this fact yet again deters women from entering the field.

So into architecture I went because I was told that where I would fit in, and I very soon realized that I hated it! Everything from my past was running through my head making me question my role of being a women. Should I go with the traditional values that had been placed on me, or should I go with what I think was right for me. So after finals I went home for summer break and had a long discussion with my parents. I plan on going into a large firm and working up until I can one day own my own architectural engineering firm in a larger city like Chicago or Dallas. Poetry is the flamboyant description of life and love, in where every poem uses techniques to portray the emotions and feeling of the story.

They can describe the ultimatum or the pinnacle of somebody life, to the horror and the hopelessness of life at the lowest.

Defining Moments in Teaching

Many people over history have used poems to describe moments in their life, from heartbreaking love, to utmost disgust, to true happiness in their life. Love, hate, sympathy, fear, and disgust are strong emotions and are the common epics of poems, whether that be at themselves, or a loved one, or even a moment Almost as soon as he learnt to write, he handed his parents a note which read: "I wish to become a painter.

His career as a clerk was short. He also fell so ill that he was sent to the family's country house to convalesce. The influence of the landscape around Mont-Roig, in southern Catalonia, can be seen And I loved it!

Defining Moment Essay

I really enjoyed making plans on a whim and traveling to wherever I wanted to enjoy the great weather. I hope to repeat this in Hey Sean, Great reflective post. Nice to see the progressive moments to living the lifestyle you always wanted. A few of mine: 1 Backpacking through Europe, then become a tour guide in Munich for three months.

Defining Moment Essay - The Fail Corner

This helped me come out of my shell I never was into public speaking , made me realise the type of people I want to be around, and expanded my thinking. A few of my life altering moments: 1 Meeting my wife online then 4 months later taking my first International trip to Indonesia to marry her. Loving your journey, too Matt! My most defining moment was getting a position at one of the companies I most wanted to work at after 55 interviews. I knew if I just survived for 10 years, I would be set.

Being able to do what you want to do and earn a living is priceless. But, more than that, what really focussed me on life was discovering that death held no fear. I feared — dreaded — the process of dying, the idea that were my transplant not to come I would have endured a slow, suffocating death in a hospital bed with the anguished faces of my family looking on. Death itself had no sway over me. Knowing that, and knowing now that this second chance is here to be grasped, helps motivate me to do even more with my life.

My defining moments hmmm. This is what comes to mind:. And we rocked it! Spent 9 years with them, travelling the world for them but meeting some great people and having a great time. Was my first real international travel when they took me to NZ to the offices there.

My Defining Moment

I play up my lifestyle and my ability to do this quite a bit. Strangely, this was one of the most emotional moments of my life. But since then there have been 5 more that have had equally as large of an impact as those. What is Your Most Defining Moment? Share this: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Pocket. Keep Reading.

Comments Great moments, Sean. Cheers, Trisatn. Glad I could help Jill!

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Without a doubt, my biggest moment was my double-lung transplant. This is what comes to mind: 1 — at age 21 quitting my job working for another photographer who shall remain nameless but suffice to say I learned how NOT to run a business from him. Account Login. Legal Privacy Policy Disclaimer. The windows in the room were wedged open to let in a hopeful breeze, since the school air conditioning was not working that day, of all days.

As I was just about to lay my head down on the desk, I felt something hard hit the back of my seat. I did not have to turn around to know the source. It came from a girl that had transferred into our class about a month earlier. She was one of the most unhappy kids I had ever met. Her height was immeasurable; she towered over most of the kids in our class, even the boys. What little hair she did have was pulled back tightly into an oddly shaped bun.

Moral Compass Essay

Her front two teeth were dark, almost brownish in color. Knowing better than to turn around and face her, I lowered my head slowly on to the desk again. She shook the back of my seat violently, and I was forced to turn her way. I was more than fed up with her attitude, but I knew that picking a fight with her would be pure stupidity. Glancing over my shoulder, I looked into her cold, brown eyes.