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Sep - Vol 38 , Issue 5. An indoor environment evaluation by gender and age using an advanced personalized ventilation system. Effective use of hybrid turbine ventilator to improve thermal performance in Malaysian tropical Nov - Vol 37 , Issue 6. Experimental investigation on the airflow characteristics of an attachment-based personalized v Assessing energy performance of smart cities.

Jan - Vol 39 , Issue 1. Jul - Vol 38 , Issue 4. Mining big building operational data for improving building energy efficiency: A case study. Computational fluid dynamics study on the drag and flow field differences between the single an Mar - Vol 38 , Issue 2. Tell us what you think. Publish with Us Authors will enjoy: Rigorous peer review of your research Prompt publishing: Average time to first decision 30 days Average time to accept decision 83 days Multidisciplinary audience High visibility for global exposure Submit Now.

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Thematic scope

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More More. Nov - Vol 40 , Issue 6 First published: 17 Oct Using a question works better for your topic. Then your personal opinion or research is the answer. Here are some ideas:. Additionally, you can narrow down this topic by choosing a particular age group to deal with: elementary, high school, or college. You have an interesting question but I think that it might be even better if you elaborated a bit more.

Here are some possibilities:.

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What do you think of the topic, "Do cell phones and social media make family relationships stronger? Would "Is bringing back extinct animals helpful?

Journal of Environmental Engineering | ASCE Library

Scientists are considering bringing back the long-extinct Wooly Mammoth, but they are also thinking about ways to perhaps revive creatures which are close to extinction, such as the western black rhino and the southern white rhino. Here are some other questions on this topic:. Is there a type of intelligence developed through conventional reading and research which is being lost in the digital age?

Excellent question.

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Many of my students have been researching this topic recently. What do you think of the topic, "How are robots changing healthcare? How would the following question work as a technology research paper topic: Can the use of iPad as a tool enhance children's social interactive skills? What is the outlook for jobs in the automotive technology industry in country name? What do you think of the topics, "Has media hurt or helped family communication? What has been the effect on personal relationships of an increasing reliance on social media to communicate?

How can we use social media effectively to enhance our personal relationships with family and friends? Do you have any suggestions for the technology essay topic "How can the impact of digital advertising be assessed in developing countries? That is an interesting problem solution question.

Volume 8, Issue 10, October 12222

Here are some other possible questions on the same topic:. Can digital advertising be used to solve social problems in developing countries? I know some studies are being done about this last topic, and there is the wonderful example of the "Dumb Ways to Die" campaign which reached worldwide notoriety by using a catchy tune to urge people not to do things that would cause them to be hit by a train. I am tasked with writing a position paper in the "energy and environmental technology" field. Do you have any topic ideas?

What do you think of the topic, "To what extent is the development of new technologies having a negative effect? Many of my students are worried about the negative influence of new technologies. You might want to narrow your topic to just one type of new technology to research and discuss this more effectively. What do you think about sarcasm detection in social media?

Do you have any suggestions about this topic? This topic would be under the more overall topic of how social media can be improved or changed to work better. Here are some questions:. Can sarcasm detection and other filters actually improve problems in social media use? My assignment was to choose a technology to question in my final project.

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I chose chip implantation in humans. Is this a sound topic? A paper about chip implantation in humans is an exciting and vital topic to evaluate, and since there are already some experiments being done in Sweeden and elsewhere to see how efficient and successful this technology can be, you should have some current information to use for your research. If you are critiquing this practice, you might want to consider:. How safe is chip implantation for humans?

Consider health risks and possible allergy problems. Will microchipping keep us safer or put our finances and personal information in danger? To what degree should companies be held liable for statements made by a hacked chatbot? How can elections be protected from international interference through technology and media?

How will DNA data storing cause problems with liability, IP protection, and other international legal issues, especially if someone puts it in their body?

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Concept papers are also called explaining papers. What do you think of, "What is the impact of automation and the use of technology on the auditors after years? I was asked to choose a topic about something that had the long-term impact internationally. Is the advancement in military technology a good topic for a research proposal?

What kind of advancement? Why does it have an impact? Picking a question which is more narrow can make your topic better. That question is about the effect or importance of memes.