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Save the environment to save Life.

Number of shareholders, corporate image and reputation to the entire field journalism produce something that will be better. Littering is often the main cause for that foul smell you encounter while passing through a particular location. Accumulation of garbage results in deadly diseases such as malaria and cholera to name few.

The harmful materials present in a garbage can found its way into water and soil polluting them and causing life threatening diseases. Necessary steps must be taken to clean the environment and prevent any further damage to it.

Essay on save nature save mankind - Google Документи

Following are some important points to the preservation of a clean environment:. A government while making political decisions for the growth of industries and urbanization should consider its impact on the environment and take necessary steps to minimize it. A society and an individual should take active part in adding to a clean and healthy environment by pledging to plant a tree in the surroundings every weekends or on off days. Using too much of electricity increases its demand which results in increased production of electricity consequently resulting in more burning of fuel, usage of water and emission of tons of CO2 gas in the environment, leading to global warming.

Usage of renewable energy sources like wind and water etc instead of conventional sources results in the reduction of environmental pollution. Reduce the use of paper in your work place. A decreased demand for paper will reduce cutting of trees.

Spread awareness among your colleagues and fellow students or society about the importance of trees and their contribution towards a clean air and how we can help in their preservation by reducing the usage of paper in our offices, schools, hospitals and other establishments. By purchasing products with recycled content you prevent those materials from ending up in a landfill and do your part to maintain consumer demand for recyclables and ensure the continuation of a balanced eco system. Transportation alone accounts for a quarter of all the green house gases emission. So, next time if you plan a trip to your favorite place with family and friends avoid using more number of vehicles than actually needed or use public transport if it is safe to do so.

People around the world are developing an affinity towards vehicles those have zero emission such as vehicles running on electricity or solar energy. Overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have adverse effect on the soil organisms similar to human overuse of anti biotic.

While beneficial for agricultural crops they can have a negative effect on the health of species directly or indirectly exposed to such environment. Use of Organic pesticides which are made up of minerals or other plant materials that keep pests at bay and break down quickly in the soil help prevent pollution due to hazardous chemicals. Some examples are Cayenne pepper spray, neem, sabadilla, pyrethrin, soap spray, etc.

Long Essay on Environment in English

Government should frame laws that plan and provide cities that are environment friendly and consider clean environment as the basic need of its people. Government should encourage sustainable use of urban resources and encourage the use of green energy. Buildings and houses should be designed in a way so as to use natural resources to the fullest. Permitting sun light to the maximum into a building will result in the reduction of electricity usage. Steps should be taken for the accumulation and conservation of rain water to meet every day water requirements.

Government should form and implement policies to keep population under control, Ensuring availability of natural resources like water and clean air for all. Laws formed against Child marriage should be strictly implemented. Medical facilities must be provided to each and every citizen whether he is residing in a city or a remote area. People must be made aware of the hazards of the population explosion and its effects on the environment and depletion of natural resources.

Littering is the major problem faced largely by the developing nations and those with high tourist influx. People tend to litter waste in their surroundings resulting in accumulation of garbage and consequently pollution of the environment. Necessary laws should be formed to check such littering and stern action must be taken against those found involved in it. Such garbage not only results in pollution but also generates foul smell making residence in the nearby areas impossible.

This has led to loss of not only wildlife and trees, but has also disrupted the eco-system. Thus, it is high time that we should stop misusing these natural resources and instead use them judiciously. The sum total of all the surroundings of a living being including air, water, sunlight, etc.

Today in the industrial and urban sectors, this environment comprises of well paved roads, multi-story concrete buildings and skyscrapers. Their main motive is to accommodate the increasing population and provide various luxuries to the affluent sections of the society. However, despite this movement the reliability of humans on the resources derived from nature still persists. We use air for breathing, water for drinking and other daily chores. Even the food we eat is derived from plants and animals including vegetables, milk, eggs, etc. In consideration of these requirements, protection of these resources has become very important which can be categorised as:.

The need of the hour is to prevent the misuse of resources and instead use them judiciously as Mother Earth cannot sustain with this rapid utilization of resources.

Speech on Save Environment in English by Smile Please World

Moreover, the solid and liquid by-products discarded as garbage by manufacturing units should be equitably managed in order to prevent pollution that leads to various diseases like cancer and gastro-intestinal diseases. This is possible only if steps are taken on the individual basis, rather than depending entirely on the government. Since the beginning of time, environment has helped us in establishing a relationship with the flora and fauna, and has ultimately determined our formation and survival.

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It has given us various gifts, for e. Since these resources are available in abundance, they are being overly used and consumed at a very high pace due to explosion in population and also to meet the luxurious demands of the privileged sections of the society.

Thus, it has become important to conserve these natural resources in all the ways. Here are a few ways in which the excessive use of natural resources can be preserved:. Thus, it is only through sustainable development and proper management that we as individuals can take steps to protect and save environment. All we have is a life tenancy— with a full repairing lease.

Despite various gifts that we have been provided by nature to make our life seemingly easy and this planet worth living, such as air, sunlight, water, animals and minerals, we have for our own selfish gains overtly exploited them.