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On the other side of Union River Bay, just west of where I am staying on Mount Desert Island, in a village called Blue Hill, the menhaden oil and scrap industry was born, if one can say it was born anywhere. After walking a little ways down the trail through the lovely fall colors, we soon arrived at Appalachee Pond.

Photo Essay: Giants of The Forest | Our State Magazine

To my surprise, there we got a glimpse at another historical connection between the Maine coast and the North Carolina coast: the ice trade. Those letters highlight a different kind of historic connection that ties coastal Maine and coastal North Carolina together. All the same, I am visiting some local maritime museums and historical societies and I am curious to learn if this far corner of the New England coastline has historic ties to the coastal world where I grew up in North Carolina. In a generous-hearted, thoughtful and sincere way, the sanitation workers tell their own story in this public access TV documentary that deserves a much wider showing.

The woman's name was Irla Bonner Litchfield Ticknor and she was 19 years old when that devastating hurricane swept across the North Carolina coast.

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Linda Garey, a teacher I met some years ago, recently sent me copies of some remarkable historical images of North Carolina lighthouses and lightships that were taken in and around One option for remediating this situation would be to reduce the current slope of the embankment and attempt to re-introduce appropriate riparian species in appropriate spatial order.

It would be ideal to utilize species which are native and thriving in the specific area Strong Essays words 3 pages. Presidential Elections. The state is categorized as a battleground state, or most commonly referred to as, a swing state. Its inconstancy in voting primarily for the Democratic or Republican Party has caused it to be one of the ten known battleground states, meaning they have an equal chance of having a Republican or Democratic win.

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This opens opportunities for prospective Republican and Democratic candidates Strong Essays words 6. The state founded this college to higher educate the women in the state of North Carolina. For seventy-two years the college remained only for women until In there was a law that said all state colleges must admit both sexes into their program of education Free Essays words 1 pages.


The unique blend of southern slave holder and northern abolitionist influences in the formation of North Carolina served to make the state an important link in the efforts to end slavery inside and outside of North Carolina borders Click here for more Descriptive Essays.

Essay Preview. For centuries, people have been coming to the Outer Banks on the coast of North Carolina. The Indians that lived there, the colonists that disappeared, and the pirates that roamed the waters all understood that life on these islands could be brief. Fortunately, that is no longer the case.

The Outer Banks North Carolina - The Birthplace of Vacation

Even in the Spring, the beach is still alive with birds, sea creatures, and people. We wanted to see for ourselves what the fuss was all about.

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Why do so many people flock to these shores every year? Our visit was just one week.

"Critical Condition"

Our plans were to visit the Wild Horse Refuge near Corolla, play a few rounds of golf, and visit the four lighthouses that define the Outer Banks. Having some experience with Segways, we were ready to go quickly. Soon we were driving on Highway 12 — on the beach road.