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See also Singer and Grossman, American Jewish year book, , p. Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, paras. Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage.

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Minutes—Evidence 13 June , paras. Subject-matter of Bill C, An Act to establish by the beginning of the twenty-first century an exhibit in the Canadian Museum of Civilization to recognize the crimes against humanity as defined by the United Nations that have been perpetrated during the 20th century. Clifford Lincoln, Chair June A copy of the letter, addressed to Paul M.

Petelycky, Into Auschwitz, for Ukraine , p. This quotation is Santin's rendering of Gail Asper's statement to him.

Winning essays in the Eva Lassman memorial writing contest

Parliamentary Debates, Hansard, 8 December , paras , Private members' bill for Holocaust memorial. Parliamentary Debates, Hansard, 8 December , para. Skip to Main Content. Search in: This Journal Anywhere. Advanced search. Submit an article Journal homepage. Dirk Moses Correspondence dirk. Pages Published online: 10 May Guarding history. Emphasis added. Minutes—Evidence 7 June , para.

Minutes—Evidence 8 June Article Metrics Views. Article metrics information Disclaimer for citing articles.

Contests | Dayton Holocaust

People also read Article. Published online: 15 Jun And it is feverishly working to develop atomic weapons to achieve that goal. I know that there are those who do not like when I speak such uncomfortable truths. They prefer that we not speak of a nuclear Iran as an existential threat.

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They say that such language, even if true, only sows fear and panic. Do they think that this nation, which has overcome every danger, lacks the strength to confront this new threat? Did the State of Israel not triumph over existential threats when it was far less powerful than it is today? Did its leaders have any qualms about saying the truth? David Ben Gurion told the people of Israel the truth about the existential dangers they faced in when five Arab armies tried to snuff Israel out in its cradle.

And when they heard these truths, did the people of Israel panic or did they unite to thwart the dangers? Were we paralyzed with fear or did we do what was necessary to protect ourselves.

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  • I believe in the people of Israel — and this belief is based on our experiences. I believe that the people of Israel can handle the truth. And I believe that they we have the capability to defeat those who seek to harm us. But we should not be surprised. There have always been those among us who prefer to mock those who tell uncomfortable truths than squarely face the truth themselves. I continue to warn you incessantly that a catastrophe is coming closer. I became grey and old in these years, my heart bleeds, that you, dear brother and sisters, do not see the volcano which will soon begin to spit its all-consuming lava… I see that you are not seeing this because you are immersed and sunk in your daily worries… Listen to me in this twelfth hour: In the name of G-d!

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    Let anyone of you save himself, as long as there is still time, and time there is very little. But the leading Jewish intellectuals of the day ridiculed Jabotinsky, and rather than heed his warning, they attacked him. His statement is detrimental to Zionism and to the vital interests of our people… It is disgraceful that these are leaders of a nation. I know there are also those who believe that the unique evil of the Holocaust should never be invoked in discussing other threats facing the Jewish people. I totally disagree. On the contrary.

    2012 Holocaust Remembrance Day Message of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Children

    To cower from speaking the uncomfortable truth — that today like then, there are those who want to destroy millions of Jewish people — that is to belittle the Holocaust, that is to offend its victims and that is to ignore the lessons. Not only does the Prime Minister of Israel have the right, when speaking of these existential dangers, to invoke the memory of a third of our nation which was annihilated.

    It is his duty. Jan Karski was a decent, sensitive man, and they begged him to appeal to the conscience of the world against the Nazi crimes.