Pattern of organization of essay

Patterns of Organization and Methods of Development
  1. How you find organization . . .
  2. Recognizing patterns of organization
  3. Joan Sedita
  4. Literacy Lines

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How you find organization . . .

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Recognizing patterns of organization

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Organization of an Expository Essay

Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Recognizing patterns of organization 1. What are Patterns of Organization?

Authors often organize supporting details in a particular order…thus creating a pattern. The main idea… The thesis or main idea is usually a good predictor of the organization of an essay or paragraph. Types of Organizational Patterns 1. Definition and Example 2.

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Classification 4. Comparison and Contrast 5. Problem — Solution 6. Cause and Effect 7. Listing 8. Process 6. Signal Words Signal words, also known as transitions, are words which indicate the relationship between ideas, and the organization of the details.

Joan Sedita

Definition and Example This pattern is found primarily in textbooks; a word or concept is introduced then explained or described. An example of its usage then follows. The pattern is very close to illustration or description. Thesis Example: Ragtime music is a style that developed at the turn of the twentieth century. Definition and Example Acrophobia is an intense,unreasonable fear of high places. People with acrophobia exhibit emotional and physical symptoms in response to being at great heights.

For instance, one sufferer of extreme acrophobia,Andrea Copeland, is unable to go above the third floor of any building without feeling enormous anxiety. Her acrophobia began one evening when she was working alone in her office on the eighth floor of a large building. Suddenly she was struck with terror.

Literacy Lines

She gathered her things and left the building,Yet, she still has no rational explanation for her fear, which is also typical of this type of phobia. It answers the questions relating to time. Thesis Example: Between now and the election, the candidate will make a number of campaign stops throughout the U. On August 9,,construction began on this well known Italian bell tower. Almost immediately, it began leaning because it was being erected on the soft silt of a buried riverbed.