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How a Security Operations Center Works
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What does an intelligent Security Operations Center (SOC) look like?

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Malware topics. Computer virus Comparison of computer viruses Computer worm List of computer worms Timeline of computer viruses and worms. Anti-keylogger Antivirus software Browser security Internet security Mobile security Network security Defensive computing Firewall Intrusion detection system Data loss prevention software. Computer and network surveillance Operation: Bot Roast Honeypot. Software distribution. Write a ten 10 page paper in which you: Identify what you perceive to be the five 5 most concerning threats to the network, computing environment, and the database operations of the company.

Examine each threat you identified in number 1, in which you: Explain why this is your perception.

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Identify what is at risk from these threats. Determine how you would design the security controls to mitigate the risks involved. Determine the security defense mechanisms that you would utilize in order to secure communications from floor to floor in the office space, including equipment and physical controls. Create an office space diagram detailing the security defense tools, equipment and controls utilized, using a diagramming application such as Visio or Dia. Note: The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length.

Information Security Research Papers - mapcjuslicon.tk

Explain in detail the defensive mechanisms that you would implement to secure the corporate wireless network, including encryption, authentication methods, and at least two 2 WLAN security tools you would utilize on a regular basis. Create a wireless network diagram, using a diagramming application such as Visio or Dia…. A novel approach for keyword extraction in learning objects using text mining and WordNet.

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Keyword extraction and concept finding in learning objects is one of the most important subjects in eLearning environments. In this paper a novel model is presented in order to improve concept finding in learning objects. For this reason, For this reason, text minin g methods accompanied by ontology of WordNet dictionary are employed. Then unrelated concepts are deselected by proposed algorithm using WordNet dictionary. The remaining concepts are considered as the most important keywords —or concepts-in the provided learning object.

Selection and peer review under responsibility of Prof. Hafize Keser. In today's world, people using smart phones have increased rapidly and hence, a In today's world, people using smart phones have increased rapidly and hence, a smart phone can be used efficiently for personal security or various other protection purposes. Women Security is a major concern in the current scenario and this Android Application for the Safety of Women tries to prevent the threats that might be occuring to women.

The app can be activated by a single click, whenever need arises to alert the people associated with the woman. A single click on this app identifies the location of place through GPS and sends a message comprising this location URL to the registered contacts to help the one in dangerous situations.

Designing Compliance Within the LAN to WAN Domain Term Paper

Continuous location tracking information via SMS helps to find the location of the victim quickly and she can be rescued safely. Nuccitelli's original concept. In a cloud data storage system, the data owners would wish to specify the policies as to who can access their data and the cloud providers are required to correctly enforce the policies that the data owners have specified.

In order to In order to enforce the specified access control policies before putting the data onto the cloud, the data owners can encrypt the data in the way that only users that the owners wished to allow as specified in the access control policies are able to decrypt and access the data.

In this paper, we propose trust models to reason about and to improve the security for stored data in cloud storage systems that use cryptographic RBAC schemes. The trust models provide an approach for the owners and roles to determine the trustworthiness of individual roles and users, respectively, in the RBAC system. The proposed trust models consider role inheritance and hierarchy in the evaluation of trustworthiness of roles.

We present a design of a trust-based cloud storage system, which shows how the trust models can be integrated into a system that uses cryptographic RBAC schemes. We have also considered practical application scenarios and illustrated how the trust evaluations can be used to reduce the risks and to enhance the quality of decision making by data owners and roles of cloud storage service. Drugs are sold in decentralized markets in the hidden Drugs are sold in decentralized markets in the hidden corners of the Web.

People who want to exploit children have anonymous forums where posts are very difficult to trace. Terrorism and crime have gone digital creating new challenges for law enforcement. Thousands of software and hardware security flaws are floating in the ether, waiting to be discovered and exploited. When a computer security flaw enables unauthorized remote access, tech savvy criminals can steal data, add a compromised system to a botnet, and sometimes even cause physical damage to a machine.

But unlike terrorist recruitment or trafficking in illegal goods, there is often little physical evidence left by cyber attacks. These cyber security threats pose a significant problem for both the private sector and the government. In , the federal Office of Personnel Management announced that their systems had been breached, resulting in the theft of over twenty million personal records, many if not all including social security numbers of federal employees and anyone who had applied for a security clearance.

From journalists to the family members of job applicants, the range of affected persons grew as more was learned about the hack. But how far are we willing to go to curb twenty-first century crime? One recent piece of legislation — the Cyber security Information Sharing Act or CISA —provides one avenue to address cyber attacks by encouraging information sharing between the government and the private sector. Sharing information related to cyber threats and cyber attacks between the private sector and the government —and in both directions —could help make everyone more aware of current cyber risks and what to do about them.

Proponents of civil liberties online argue against information sharing because of the danger that it would expand the surveillance powers of the federal government. CISA was the first cyber security information sharing bill to be enacted into law. The Senate passed CISA in October , and during deliberations on the omnibus budget bill in December , CISA was inserted almost word-for-word into the budget bill, which was then passed by both houses and signed into law by President Obama.

CISA could address security by improving the sharing of security research between the government and the private sector. As it stands, in addition to permitting the sharing of non-technological security measures, CISA also allows personal information to be shared between the government and private sector. Under CISA, all the information sharing is purely voluntary.

While a voluntary program sounds good in theory, in practice, the lack of limitations and specific requirements can lead to over sharing your information. Add in the civil liability exemption that CISA gives to companies that share information, and the risk of over sharing becomes even greater.

Alternatively, if the sharing of information is only voluntary, companies may choose not to provide any information to the government for fear of harming their reputation when information about cyber attacks to their system becomes public. The success in passing CISA is not celebrated by many privacy proponents.

The non-technological methods, like ensuring that employees follow proper procedure and not disclose information to potential hackers who are using social engineering methods, are arguably better addressed by the private sector themselves.